BPER Teen!Space

BPER Banca's digital project dedicated to the world of teenagers

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How to bring the teenagers closer to the world and to the values of BPER Banca? This is the communication and marketing challenge launched by the banking group.


TEEN! SPACE is a digital project, created to invite young people to develop their passion and navigate the web effectively and safely. The starting point for responding to the bank's need was the identification of buyer’s personas: a study to investigate characteristics and behaviors related to teengers. From here we developed an integrated online communication strategy, creating concepts and visual identities, creating the teenspace.it website and managing the social media content (Instagram & Youtube).


Instagram, the social network most used by young people under 18, is the main social channel of the project (@teenspaceofficial). In addition to the production and planning of editorial content, we have been involved in developing a targeted advertising strategy to intercept the target audience on the channel.


With the aim of strengthening the visibility of Teen! Space and reaching new potential followers, we have followed the involvement of social influencers, selecting figures related to the target of the project, and the activation of the digital contest. These include the #VersoScuola Photography Competition and the “Teen! A prize for writing "born from the collaboration between the bank and the Premio Strega Giovani 2018.


The first year of the project led to the construction of a loyal and in line community with the target audience. This was all thanks to the editorial development of transversal themes, the implementation of digital contests and a continuous advertising on Instagram.