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Maserati has chosen us to tell and share their values ​​and their passion on social media, expanding the scenario and the target audience.


Our social strategy started with the construction of an effective coordination between the parent company and the dealer, which allowed us to manage the social networks in a uniform manner (nationally and internationally) and to talk about Maserati's activities in the area. New interlocutors were also reached through the involvement of top digital influencers in the luxury and lifestyle sectors, in various exclusive Maserati-branded experiences.


We supported the brand in communicating various events and special initiatives. For example, designing the format #MaseratiBeat - a branded online and offline entertainment project with the aim of explaining the opening of CasaMaserati in Milan - and organizing the #MaseratiMusicExperience, exclusive musical events held during the Maserati Winter Tour 2013-14.


Maserati #EscapeFromTheCity and Maserati #Estagram: the two influencer marketing projects created for the brand. From Italy to Eastern Europe, the storytelling was developed on board new Maserati models, creating photo shoots in the most representative places of each country. For each project, we took care of the selection and involvement of top international influencers.