ShoppinTime is born. A free service that books shopping

ShoppinTime is the digital tool within reach of smartphones, designed to bring people and stores closer together to promote an exclusive shopping experience, save time and shop safely. The service will be free and accessible from computers, smartphones and tablets.


The Coronavirus pandemic is a very unfortunate event that has left us with a profoundly changed world. Today terms like "social distancing" or "work from home" have become part of our everyday language.

Our health and taking security measures have become a priority, in every life aspect. In other words, these two factors will be crucial and literally lifesaving in the present and near future. In addition, the economy is suffering a great deal, the impact on business and shopping has been very slow which was well predicted.

The ShoppinTime service was created to meet the new needs of people while also providing a service free of charge and without the need to install any type of equipment or signage at the point of sale. One of ShoppinTime's main was goals was to allow many to purchase common purchases in shops in a completely safe environment while avoiding groups and situations of close contact. However, ShoppinTime was also designed with other premises in mind.

People's time management is drastically changing due to the Coronavirus, but with a long-term vision, it is also likely that individuals will be faced with new and diversified working schedules. For example, there has been a significant increase of smart-working. 

Being able to avoid long queues in front of stores will be a substantial advantage and will benefit everyone:

For retailers, who will be able to check the flow of customers, plan sales and resources, strengthen the relationship with the buyer, thanks to more exclusive one-to-one relationships.

For customers, who will avoid wasted time and unnecessary queues, there will an increase in health safety measures and customer experience. Physical contact and product testing are still a decisive value for some retailers. It can be done, however, under more favorable conditions and with privileged treatment.

For store owners, store managers, ShoppinTime will provide the service through an online platform that can be easily accessed from computers, smartphones, and tablets. The service is currently in the beta phase and will be made public and accessible by 10 June. For further information, please refer to the following web page

For consumers, ShoppinTime will be accessible through a dedicated APP available for Apple iOSTM and AndroidTM from June 10. The user, after the registration, with a few easy steps, will be led to the booking of his/her appointment at the points of sale that have joined the service, choosing the time of preference or the one available on the selected day. 

Subsequently, the user will receive a confirmation of the booking from the store, and before entering the store. The APP will send him/her a reminder to confirm his/her presence and inviting him to press the virtual check-in button on his/her smartphone or cancel the booking if necessary. At the end of the shopping period, the user will have the opportunity to leave a review.

ShoppinTime will also offer customers the possibility to make a video call with the shopkeeper during opening hours, to get information and evaluate the products before going to the store. This will enable fast and efficient communication while enhancing the service of experience and expertise that no e-commerce platform can ever offer. 

ShoppinTime is an initiative conceived and developed by Industree Communication Hub and O-One together with the innovative start-up Caligoo, founded in Reggio Emilia in 2016, where research and development are still based, and moved to the United States in 2017 from where it operates commercially.

Caligoo has developed a proximity marketing platform for data activation focused on real-time actions towards users. It started from the correlation of event sequences as an ideal tool to effectively address the complexity of real-life scenarios. For this reason, Caligoo's technology is defined as Event-Driven and no longer Data-Driven.