O-One launches new consulting services about Social Media Marketing for Corporate Sales Networks

O-One presents a new training program focused on Social Media Marketing that is mostly dedicated to the Sales Network, while also enriching the digital strategic consulting field


Providing proper training for the sales staff of companies is increasingly important, especially when it comes to Digital Marketing and in particular, Social Media, which has now become one of the most powerful lead generation tools. 

Starting from this assumption, O-One has created a training plan with the help of Social Media Marketing strategies and tools dedicated to the Sales Network and sales staff.

This is a training model based on Learning By Doing: a pragmatic approach focused on the experience gained in the field by the professionals in O-One's team, which focuses on performance improvement, i.e. the creation of new business contacts and the resulting acquisition of new customers through Social Media Marketing.

The Social Media Marketing course for the Sales Network is part of a wider training project, aimed at growing and spreading awareness and digital culture in companies. The topics covered by the training touches the use of Social Media applied to different business areas, ranging from Advertising to Employer Branding. The training plans are highly personalized, to best meet the needs of each client and their business, and are provided through a specialized department of the agency: the Digital Experience Academy.