Industree Communication Hub presents Industree Inside, the new unit dedicated to the production of specialized content created with O-One

Industree Communication Hub and the digital unit O-One present Industree Inside, the division dedicated to the design, production and dissemination of specialized content, created by the team of experienced editors with vertical expertise in multiple sectors. The objective is to create value for the Brand by communicating with the target audience, transforming complex texts into engaging and easily accessible multi-channel content.

Industree Inside

"Siamo "Inside" because we're inside the industry where the Brand operates. Our content specialists know the dynamics and language to create relevant and effective content that generates value".

The new division of Industree Communication Hub, part of Industree Inside,  is dedicated to the design, production, and distribution of specialized content, created by the in-house team of 10 resources. This includes copywriters and journalists, and the network of experienced editors with expertise in different verticals, to communicate with the target audience in its own language, and transform complex texts into engaging and easily accessible content.

"We decided to create a unit dedicated to the production of highly specialized content because we realized that there aren't enough subjects with sufficient specialization offering this type of service. And, on the other hand, the demand for specialized texts has been growing exponentially for several years, with specific requests focus on digital tools and platforms and further development of e-commerce". - explains Luca Franzoso, CEO of Industree Communication Hub.

"Industree Inside supports companies in the drafting of highly specialized texts in the field in which they operate, such as articles, press releases, SEO copy, video scripts, and podcasts: the attention to content is the fundamental starting point to build the Brand storytelling, to exponentially increase the relationship and customer loyalty" - concludes Franzoso.

Thanks to the digital unit O-One and the Group's corporate division, Industree Inside created texts, audio, and video in the most effective formats to be disseminated through the channels and tools defined in the content strategy, such as blogs/websites, social media, media relations, and digital PR. 

Each project is followed by dedicated Project Managers for the management of each phase of the process, from content strategy to constant monitoring of the results achieved, which allows the implementation of actions and tools to achieve the communication objectives of the Brand.